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Business Matchmaking Forum 55: Colombia boosting their trade



Business Matchmaking Forum 55: Colombia boosting their trade

 For a while now, Colombia, has been growing up and gaining strength in terms of exportation. That is why through events such as the ones promote by Procolombia, among them the most recent Business Matchmaking Forum, confirms the positive moment is having our country by opening doors to business of all types of business; either they are products, inputs or services in this way conquering  markets and showing the world our wide business sector.

It is worth mentioning the chance our company had by participating actively on this event, we had an appointment schedule with prospective customers and showcased them our services and advantages for their projects; setting a strong precedent with each of them becoming a major opportunity to establish a business relationship. Besides we had the support of our customers and our new website launching, which has a clean design is absolutely dynamic and fresh visually. all this made us known by new and potential customers.

Our services placed within the Software and Mobile Apps (digital and mobile marketing)  permitted us approach/to get closer with customers whether from Europe as from Central and North America.


National Government headed by the president Juan Manuel Santos as main speaker uttered a discourse in favour of the event’s opening. At the same time he highlighted how important was this for the economical development of the country by saying: “This is a economy that grows in rates highly enough to keep investing in competitivity and understand this growth as the welfare we Colombians need.”

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Estimations for this event done on February 19th and 20th, 2015 were:

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Ensure your business dates success following these 7 steps:

1. Dare to know your client; query about his/hers strengths and those things that could be improved. In this way you will be ready for any eventual question, leading to more possibilities of establishing an objective to work with.

2. Plan your presentation. With the purpose of making everything clear and concrete it is absolutely necessary that you prepare the required material to make yourself known by the customer (presentation cards, updated website, etc….) all this will provide the customer what is your business focused on.

Besides it is important to highlight the benefits or advantages that make part of your business. This will make your business more attractive and the customer will be interested in negotiate with your company.

3. Establish a regular following, in this way your customer’s business experience will be enhanced. Moreover in case of having doubts or queries everything will be briefly solved; a complete success of your business.

4. Customer business culture and context may have effects; you should take into account this previously to your business date because it is quite important if it happens during the talk, the recommendation is not to include topics such as religion, politics or of any other type just to avoid uncomfortable situations. Besides, consider essential negotiation standards, personal presentation and manners since they tend to change depending where the person comes from.

5. Keep your word reliable, by the accomplishment of your compromises with the customer depends the attitude he/she assumes with you and your company and eventually with keep working with you.

6. Everything at its own time. If it is necessary determine which are the delivery times; this will permit you to achieve the agreements planned with the customer. However, you better take into account not to promise what you’re not able or in the capacity of provide so you will prevent yourself of having setbacks and inconveniences of any kind.

7. Patient should be your main tool. It is quite common that negotiations need time to succeed, some of them may take more time than some others but the main goal is to be constant to finally get the project.

“When you get to see each of the countries and the products we’re selling we realize that Colombia has products and markets diversification. For example, El Salado mipyme, they came a year ago as trainees and for this time it had its own agenda and pique the interest of a hotel chain in Mexico that want to buy them” Maria Claudia Lacouture, Procolombia President.