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eShowBogota, the most important ecommerce event in Colombia



eShowBogota, the most important ecommerce event in Colombia

Undoubtedly, the eShowBogota is the most important annual event in Colombia in relation to the eCommerce industry. This show and professional congress involves sectors such as Digital Marketing, Hosting & Cloud, Social Media, Mobile and Internet among others. Its most recent version took place on November 10th and 11th in Bogota, where at least 30 leading companies gathered, in charge of presenting solutions they make use of when having any difficulty and how has been the process to reach their current position. In such a way, knowledge of great importance was provided to the assistants.

Within the activities carried out in the event we highlight the conference given by Lucila Lawrence, eBay’s Innovation and Leadership Director and the one given by Jeanniey Mullen, Nook Barnes & Noble Marketing VP. Two guests that amazed with their anecdotes and success stories. In the same way, Payu Summit; Grupo Aval participation with their Aval Pay solution; Discussions on Social Media Evolution in advertising agencies and the Content Marketing conference co-organized by Contversion were very demanded by the audience.

Other events carried out this year should be mentioned as well as they exceeded all the expectations such as the event whereby Social Media Territorio Creativo agency, using the #TCTalks hashtag within the environment of the event, engaged their audience with the social networks. Additionally, they shared their experience with different brands just like Colombia Digital, 472, L’Oréal, Waze and Movistar. Debates in the Net Fashion Forum, brought by Dafiti, included brands’ delegates from Tennis, Lancome, Kronotime, among other influencers in the fashion world.

This event has been such a success that it was highlighted for having such a diverse audience and for having a staff of 60 national and international lectures, reassuring where Colombia is standing in terms of business development with the use of internet as their operation basis. Moreover if we talk about the growth of internet between 2014 and 2015, Comscore consulting firm published on July 22nd a report showing digital growth in Latin America; countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina ‘wore the shirt’ of the regional digital leadership.

The scope of this event is far-reaching and has a series of versions that take place in cities around the world as Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, São Paulo, Mexico D.F and Lima.

Its operation is based on activities that lead brand consolidation, business to business connections, experienced companies supporting/advising others, enlarging the industry vision among other facts.

The eShow target audience is set in entrepreneurs, interested in innovating and improving their businesses and processes, keeping updated on new tendencies besides the added value generated by having direct contact, meeting in person.

Definitely, an event that sought more than training its audience, an attractive integration of different commercial sectors; finance, insurance, technology, fashion and entertainment.