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Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most used social network worldwide, besides having the largest number of users around the world (about 1.490 million people), is the website in which people most of their time connected with an average of 1 hour per day – while the average is of 30 seconds on internet. In addition, this social network became part of people’s current lifestyle thanks that suits perfectly our daily activities.

Based on this information, should be pointed out that paid advertising is the most effective one. That is why, on Igniweb we are characterized for being a solutions provider company and to keep it in that way we have different services just like, Webmaster on Social Networks, monthly maintenance on SEO and SEM, new visitors/users engagement and fidelization of the existing ones, Content contribution for blogs, social networks, newsletters and analysis on adaptation of online marketing strategies.

We determine which is the suitable time for you to share/publish content on social networks, generating impact as an strategy to catch target audience. This means visibility and visual engagement got by using Ads which are able to present real time statistics (how many views/clicks).

This Ad system is very effective, since it allows you establish advanced segmentation filters such as age, gender, language, marital status, specific characteristics that allows you to determine how our content is displayed and who should see it, too.