What is most important for my website: exceptional content or an outstanding design? If you ever asked yourself this question and after investigating on the Internet you still wonder, here you can find the answer you’re looking for.

The visual aspect is an essential component in a social media content strategy whether it is your very own strategy for personal use or one for one of your clients. You can create amazing posts with relevant content but if they’re not joint with an attractive design they just won’t produce the same impact and wouldn’t get the reach desired. One thing to keep in mind is the importance of having interactivity with users; to achieve this it is vital to give them content that is valuable and appealing to them and mostly, content they can feel identify with. There is a crucial factor though that has a big influence on user’s perception: the site’s visual design. If your site’s overall design is not in best conditions, it can affect all your previous efforts.

After a research done by 3M Corporation it was concluded that the human brain processes visual information 60.000 times faster than plain text. Images are the easiest thing for our brain to remember which makes them fundamental for our learning process. For us as humans, what we see has a deep impact on what we do, how we feel and what we are. The colors used on your site also have a great implication on your visitors perception.

At this point, you should be asking yourself again, what should I do to improve my site’s overall look?

Well, we’ve been reading the latest articles on design trends and content management tendencies we will be seeing around in 2017 and what is remarkable about them is they declare the relevance of natural design that leads to pleasant navigation experiences, not only based on appearance but focused on optimization and interactivity with users.

Here are the best 3 new trends you can use to optimize your site’s design:

Plain design 2.0 trend

We can predict that web sites will experiment huge changes this year especially because this trend is perfectly described by the phrase ‘Simple is better’

The visual effects found in this tendency are:

  • Longer shapes in plain elements
  • Brighter color palette
  • Simple typography
  • ‘Ghost’ buttons (transparency)
  • Absolute minimalism
  • Subtle 3D elements



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Perfect color scheme trend

This tendency aims to combine colors based on logo, contrasts, theme and goals of the site.

No doubt colors bring life to your website, for this you need to have clarity on the brand or the idea you want to promote to make the best color selection.


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Big background videos trend

HD images are one of the fastest ways to capture the user’s attention, making videos an excellent alternative. Several researches show that using videos on websites significantly increases conversion rates. Videos are easy to consume, absorb and comprehend.

Unquestionably, a great part of the web’s content is presented as written information, but  experts assure that videos are a good resource to generate commitment.

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