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Business Matchmaking, an Enterprise Enhancement Tool



Business Matchmaking, an Enterprise Enhancement Tool

There was a time when someone, that makes part of the company I work for at the present time, asked me.

– What is a business matchmaking?
– What does the word matchmaking mean?

Some sources may say: “matchmaking is the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage, but the word is also used in business.” “Wikipedia”

The thing comes to mind because we notice there are so many entrepreneurs and businesses that need partnership worldwide. Do you want more business and make more money? I think so, pretty much that is what any company wants . But how to find a partner you can do business with? That’s where the concept of business matchmaking comes into the picture and makes absolute sense.


These events are presented all around the world, and basically its workflow is to create a profile and become visible for business owners or buyers who are normally referred worldwide. You better choose your words carefully because all the words you include in your profile will be searchable by the counterpart. Describe your ideal partner and be sure to include your most relevant skills keywords, products, services and markets in your profile.

When you’re pointing to sell your company’s services in such kind of events the most important aspect to do it successfully is by knowing every relevant aspect about what your business have to showcase. Then when time comes to be exposed, it is in typical sessions of 30 to 45 minutes where you will have that single chance to succeed. I encourage you to be focused in that single moment and give the best representation of your company, don’t forget, you have your company’s fate in your attitude, knowledge and eloquence to capture the buyer.

Prior to the event this is an effective way to reach your target audience properly and with major confidence. Use your mobile or webcam to record a video presentation.

See instructions how you can record the video with your webcam:


So if you’re looking for the best buyer to partner with your company, and make more money Please follow the safe trading guidelines and tips…

To give a sample of how a Business Matchmaking may works, we’re going to share our experiences on previous participations of ProColombia’s Business Matchmaking. These rubrics tend to be general but it may change depending the organizer.




Additionally, in the way you manage the contact leads after the event is what will allow you to build a strong database and establish reliable partnerships or endorse yourself committed clients.

Author : Alex Barcenas – Marketing Department