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How to Sell Concert Tickets Online



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How to Sell Concert Tickets Online

How to Sell Concert Tickets Online

sell concert tickets online

Getting more seats and VIP access to shows is a great way to make a significant sum of money when you’re selling concert tickets online. But there are certain things you need to consider when you sell your tickets. Prices for premium tickets depend on the location, and you should take note of these factors before selling your tickets. If you live in a metropolitan area, and you have purchased your tickets in advance and you are able to make an impressive profit selling them.

Vivid Seats

Are Vivid Seats a fraud? I’ve heard of people who lost hundreds of dollars from tickets bought through this company. One of the cases involved a person who was refused entry to an event because there were insufficient upper-level seating. The concert ticket cost $130 and the purchaser was left with only $40 that could be used to purchase tickets for the concert venue. The customer service reps at Vivid Seats are rude , and I hope that they don’t try to escalate the issue. I also recently purchased a ticket for an Andrea Bocelli concert, but the ticket was listed as “postponed” and the customer had to wait a day.

VividSeats is the largest independent ticket marketplace offering 100% customer satisfaction. VividSeats also has in-house customer assistance available 24 hours a day to assist customers with order and customer service issues. They also have an rewards program that gives you points for every ticket you buy. You can then use these points to receive free tickets or get discounts for bigger groups. If you’re not sure which show to see next look up the live event listings for your area to see what shows are playing near you.

StubHub is another option to think about. Online concert tickets are available at both Vivid Seats and StubHub. Vivid Seats offers a variety of seats, and StubHub has more seats in each zone. Vivid offers premium seats as well as cheaper tickets. It’s not always possible to find the perfect seat depending on your budget. However, Vivid gives more options. It’s simple to use and browse, and it’s accessible on many devices.

Once you have chosen the event you’d like to attend and have decided to purchase the ticket, you can start the purchase procedure by entering all the necessary details. When you’ve selected the concert you’d like to attend, you’ll be asked to input your payment details. This includes the name of the event and the price. After you’ve completed entering your information, you’ll be sent to checkout. You’ll need a credit card or debit card to make the purchase. VividSeats will be your ticket marketplace if it’s within your budget.


You’ve found the perfect spot if you’re planning to sell tickets for concerts online. TicketsNow is an excellent platform to offer tickets for sale online and make a profit. TicketsNow allows you to determine a minimum price for sale and can adjust it based on the current market prices. You can either get cash or a 15% commission per ticket sold. TicketsNow is a fantastic option for people who want to sell tickets on their own. It is charged a small fee for service and highly recommends.

Prices for tickets increase when the concert date is scheduled. The prices drop as the event nears. Many fans who are not able to attend are forced to buy secondhand tickets or online videos for an event. Even though there are insiders who sell tickets for a high price however, they are able to mislead consumers who aren’t aware. If you are looking to sell your tickets, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the industry.

The most well-known seller of tickets is Ticketmaster. It’s been in business for many years, however it is still an excellent option if you’re looking to sell tickets for concerts online. Ticketmaster offers a buyer’s guarantee on tickets. TicketNow is also secure. Live Nation is another option for concert tickets. There’s even a live chat option for your convenience. TicketsNow sells a wide range of other products such as gift cards, tickets to rodeos and sports, tickets to rodeos tennis, rodeos and Motocross.

Once your tickets have been uploaded to TicketsNow, you will need to fill out the necessary details to add them. Then, choose the delivery method which is FedEx, PayPal, or your own. After you’ve selected one of the delivery options you will be able to select the shipping service and the cost. You can make changes to your listing before your tickets are sold. If necessary, you can also make changes to your listing. Selling tickets is easy!

There are many other ticket marketplaces that allow you to sell your concert tickets. StubHub is just one of them. You can sell your tickets online and get prices. You can decide how many tickets you want to sell and where you will deliver them, and the price you are willing to pay. StubHub has been around for some time and has assisted thousands of users. This is a fantastic site for those who want to sell tickets to concerts online.

The TicketExchange is a subsidiary of Ticketmaster.

TicketExchange is a website that allows people to buy and sell concert tickets. The site also has resales options the same way as its sister website, TicketsNow. TicketMaster is the largest retailer of tickets worldwide. It does however charge excessive fees for resellers and has the most limited amount of tickets. Despite the high costs they’re still a better alternative than tickets sold by a third-party seller.

This website is a reliable marketplace to buy and sell concert tickets. Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster guarantees 100 100% authentic tickets. It also offers excellent customer service. TicketMaster is trusted by thousands of people for authentic tickets. Additionally, the firm is a well-known name in seats at premium events. TicketExchange is a safe and easy way to purchase tickets for concerts, regardless of whether you’re attending the biggest concert or a small-scale club show.

The new laws have not affected market for resales, despite the growing attention to scalping. Ticketmaster is also blocking bots that are employed by a variety of fraudulent sellers. However, despite recent changes within the market however, the company hasn’t completely resolved the issue. Its user agreement demands that sellers adhere to all laws and rules.

Comparatively to other ticketing websites, Ticketmaster charges a high cost. Some users have reported that the customer support is unresponsive and often slow to respond to queries. Ticketmaster has had a few negative reviews from users, with 94 percent of Trustpilot reviews giving them a 1-star rating. It’s still a great option for event organizers and deserves recognition for its leadership role in the ticketing marketplace.

The commission cost for selling concert tickets on a marketplace is low despite the fees. It usually averages 15 percent for ticket sales, however it is contingent upon the venue and the performer performing. There are also service costs and shipping fees. Standard shipping costs can add up to $15 to the ticket price. Most ticket websites charge 15 percent commissions on ticket sales. However, some may purchase tickets directly from ticket sellers, and not charge commissions.


TickPick is an online marketplace that permits the selling seatgeek reviews of tickets online for tickets to concerts. It’s a new and innovative marketplace that eliminates overpriced tickets and ensures admission. Users can easily search results by price or by quality in order to find the right ticket for their needs. The TickPick platform also features a price comparison feature which allows users to find the most suitable tickets at the lowest prices.

It is essential to comprehend the fundamentals of bidding when you want to sell concert tickets online. Certain ticket websites have a charge for service while some offer tickets at no cost. They are typically the most expensive and are not recommended when trying to earn a profit. Before you set your price, ensure that you are comparing the prices of the other sellers. Be sure to set your price at a competitive $200 or greater, so that it’s in line with the other prices.

Shipping fees are the main issue when selling tickets for concerts through a fee-based web site. TickPick doesn’t charge shipping costs like other ticket sites. If you’re looking to earn a decent amount of money, it’s essential to find an online ticket marketplace that charges a flat rate. If you’re looking to offer concert tickets online, TickPick is the place to go.

Another great option for those selling concert tickets online is StubHub. StubHub permits ticket sellers to set their own prices and then sell tickets to others. Buyers have the option to pay with PayPal or cash. After you’ve created your site, advertise your listing on social media and include a link to your site in your social media accounts. So that potential customers will be able to locate your tickets quickly and quickly.